Powerhouse International®  is a family owned business in Lincoln, Nebraska.  

We are proud to introduce our Platinum Edition.  We took feedback from our customers and designed the most powerful and versatile electric pressure washer available.  Click on products to view all the features you can expect in your new washer.

A little about us, we are a small family business in Lincoln, Nebraska started in 2013.  When we launched we started selling two models of pressure washers (the Force 1800 and 2000) and over the first two years of business we collected customer feedback on the products.  This was fairly easy since we warrant our pressure washers for a year and personally handle all the customer service.   After compiling the feedback we decided it was time to design our own model with our customers' wish list in mind.  So we designed the platinum model.  

Initially we looked for manufacturing locally and then throughout the United States but didn't find anyone willing to partner with us on molding costs or take the risk on a small business that didn't yet have proven sales because we had a brand new product.  Thus we had to look overseas for a manufacturing partner willing to work with us.  So you see our washer is our design, we own the mold/model but we do import our product.

We understand that you want to purchase from the USA to help support America's economy and jobs, rest assured buying from us you ARE doing just that. We are an American small business where our headquarters, warehouse, marketing, distribution, and service center operations are all here in the United States.  Our commitment to the USA and our community is strong, and our small, family owned, business will continue to ensure you will receive world-class customer service and support that is second to none in the industry.