When talking about the powerhouse 2020 platinum edition, it has a 3000 psi electric power washer, cart and 4 locking caster wheels, 3 piece trigger gun set, soap foam sprayer, 5 fast connect tips, soft brush, M22 14mm adaptor, 2 spouts, jerk, spinning yard cleaner, side hooks for the electric cord and the 3 piece trigger gun, manual, and even additional O-rings. This machine is an updated version of the previous machine of the powerhouse brand and the advancement is showing up in every aspect of the machines.

The Powerhouse Platinum Edition also claims a foldaway handle and attached hosepipe reel that keeps the hose from knotting or kinking. In addition to a removable soap/ foam bottle that regulates the quantity of soap dispensed with a quick twist. The 3000 psi powerful electric power washer has an enormous potential to suck in all the dirt from the exteriors of the homes and office. The makers have given heed to making it a piece of machinery, which can eat up all the dirt and filth of the floors as well as the walls of residential as well as commercial exteriors.

An electric pressure washer fittings make it relaxed to get your dull work done. Electric Power Washer  3000 psi pressure washer hose replacement is needed for the top-rated Pressure Washers in the industry because they offer matchless price and performance backed by the best guarantees in the industry. If the correct replacement is done, the machines will last for a long and let you give premium results to the customers and make a name for yourself in the whole spectrum of cleaning. One should make sure to choose some of the best power washers for getting the job done.

Making the Right Choice

Powerhouse International is a small family run business. Upon the inception, we started selling two models of pressure washers (the  Force 1800  and Force 2000 ) and we gave serious heed to customer feedback on the products.  After amassing the responses, we decided to design our model, so we intended the platinum model with the power washer extender and universal power washer parts. This is one of the most premium power washers going around. So, come to us and grab the most-modern power washer of the current time, and your customers and you will both be happy. The folks who want to do the power washing on their own are also welcome.

3000 psi Electric Power Washer

Going for the Powerhouse Power Washer Parts - Hose Replacement, Extender

Pressure Washing is perhaps the most famous process of cleaning the exteriors of the premises. Power washing is done with the help of state-of-the-art power washing machines. A complete machine is made up of assembling some of the  best powerhouse pressure washer parts  in a particular manner. It is inevitable for each and every power washing company to have some of the best machinal apparatus to give their clients, superior results with the outdoor cleaning of the homes or the office. As the customers are always on the lookout for some of the best pressure washing companies, likewise the cleaning companies also want some of the best companies to offer the finest quality of machines.